“Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures.”

– Alice in Wonderland


My name is Kathryn Hauge and I am the founder of I Found Africa. We are a company specializing in creating bespoke holidays to Southern Africa, East Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.
So how did it all begin?

All great things start with a love story right? This is exactly what happened with I Found Africa. Back in 2010 I was the co-founder and sales director of a tour operator in Cape Town when I met a Norwegian man at a good friend’s wedding. We fell in love so I took a chance and left my beloved South Africa and moved to London (where he was living at the time). As they say, the rest is history. We got married, had three children and moved to Oslo in 2016.

Previously I worked for many of the luxury travel companies – Abercrombie & Kent, Rhino Africa, Go2Africa, Perfect Africa, Quintessentially Travel – goodness I have moved around! Lucky for me, I have visited many of the lodges, resorts and hotels in Africa and have first hand knowledge and experience of these places. Over the years I have made friends with the owners and managers of many of these places who keep me up to date with hot tips – best rooms to book, VIP guest treatments, guest surprises and special rates. I Found Africa will only recommend places that we truly believe will give you the holiday you are wishing for.

Growing up in South Africa was amazing. If you have visited Africa you may understand why I miss it. There is a pulse and energy in Africa that fills your heart with hope and a desire to help others. There are so many different cultures living together and being in Africa often reminds us not to take our fortunate situation for granted. Sending people travelling to Africa supports the travel industry and directly provides employment. Guests are always looking for authentic experiences and many lodges and hotels use local suppliers and staff which directly benefit the local economy and the guest experience.

By sending guests to Africa, I feel that I am doing a little bit supporting Africa. Living on the other side of the world from my family is heartbreaking but working along side Africa connects my worlds and makes me feel happy.

I Found Africa is located in London and Oslo but wherever you are in the world we can help you plan your holiday.


You’ve decided you want to visit Africa but how do you even begin to decide which company to use to help you plan your holiday? We can totally understand how this can be overwhelming. At I Found Africa, every booking means so much to us. We aim to assist you quickly and eagerly from first contact. The goal is to make your travel dreams come to life and make planning easy and exciting.


The reality is that there are tons of companies specializing in trips to Africa. For you, it’s about connecting with the right company that is experienced and will work efficiently and ask you personal questions to determine your individual travel style. I Found Africa aims to achieve this.


Even if we are bribed with champagne breakfasts overlooking a herd of elephants, we would never recommend a hotel, lodge or resort that we don’t fully believe will offer you the holiday or experience you were wishing for. All our recommendations are completely independent.


Let your imagination run wild. If you can dream it, we can make it happen. Our trips are all personalized and tailor-made to suit your exact wishes and if you’re stuck for ideas, just talk to us.  We have many years of experience designing incredible holidays.



The process of arranging a holiday to Africa or the Indian Ocean Islands should be easy and fun. The best way to begin is to have a general browse of destinations, then get in touch with us and tell us about who you are and what you hoped to experience. You then leave it to us to come up with some holiday ideas for you to review. Still have some unanswered questions?