Dream today…..and travel tomorrow

For many of us, the rationale of ‘lockdown’ is proving to be a time for reflection and taking stock. While the restrictions of present daily life mean most travel plans are on hold – and understandably so, with friends and family sometimes vulnerable – holiday dreams are starting to flood into our minds.

A study by Jeroen Nawjin (doctor in Tourism & Transport at Breda in the Netherlands), and quoted in Condé Nast Traveller, has found we derive most of our present happiness in the anticipation of a trip that’s to come.
Thinking how much we’re going to enjoy something in the future actually makes us start feeling good now.

We can all expect some fundamental changes in how travel is regarded when the current crisis eases.
People may not choose to fly so much, and so will focus on less frequent but more life-changing ‘special’ adventures and holidays, that feel – and are – worthwhile.

Privacy will be more important than ever. Private villas, private yachts, secluded residences and tailored, attentive service will be what many travellers yearn for. There will be a renewed focus on lessening our environmental footprint and impact on the world. We will start to seriously consider the benefits of our visits to local economies and communities.

Keep dreaming, keep planning, keep a sense of wellbeing and balance, keep talking to me of course… and keep safe.