Special Offers

No-one can deny that they love a good deal and I FOUND AFRICA is constantly on the look out for specials and deals. We have the most up to date access to specials and will be sure to offer them to you. Here are some useful tips to ensuring that you utilize special deals.

Book your international flights well in advance and use your frequent flyer miles. Not having to pay for international flights is a massive saving.

Ask your consultant when low season is in the destination you are visiting. Specials are often offered in low season even though is may be the best time to travel. For example a safari in South Africa is best done in the winter months which is low season (May to September).

Be flexible with your travel dates so that your consultant can design your holiday around special offers.

Watch out for hidden costs. Many companies will try and offer you the best deal on paper but once you arrive on holiday you find that you are charged for all sorts of extras. I FOUND AFRICA will, wherever possible, include these extra charges so you are not surprised when you arrive at your destination.

Get to know your consultant. It is often the personal relationship you develop with them that gets them to push for upgrades at hotels and makes sure you are very well looked after.