What’s happening with the water levels in the Okavango Delta?

June 2019 –

May is usually the time of year when the rainfalls from the Angolan highlands reach the Okavango Delta and the water levels begin rising and everyone starts mokoro-ing and cruising. The lack of rainfall and the ‘flood’ has been much lower this year than recorded over recent years.

But it’s not all negative! There is some very exciting news to think about even with the lack of water to the Delta. There is a whole new territory to explore. Islands that are usually inaccessible at this time of year are now, for the first time in years, accessible. Guides are taking guests to experience new areas and the game viewing has been outstanding.

With the lack of water animals usually gather closer to water sources and this means your big game sightings are excellent. Traditional mokoro trips may be affected from some camps but these excursions are not primarily focused on big game viewing but instead provide a different perspective of the Delta with greater focus on amphibious life, aquatic plants and birding.

For those of you who are travelling to Botswana for a big game wildlife experience should be amazed by the incredible animal sightings.

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We can assist you with expert knowledge about the different areas in the Delta and how the flood or lack of it influences your experience.

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